Your wedding is one of the most dreamed about, beautiful, memorable days of your life. It’s your wedding day, not anyone else’s. Capturing your day with dignity, humour, emotion and bringing life back to the occasion long after the confetti has been cleared and the cake eaten is my life and my love.

My love for weddings was born with my love for photography, my incessant love of a good story, and my nonstop desire to create beauty. I've been a photographer for 6 years, I was fortunate enough to discover my love for creativity and art at an early age and worked for years trying to find the perfect medium to document the stories I see and the ones I dream. When I was 20 I found photography. My personal work is editorial, conceptual, artistic portraits with a strong sense of narrative and emotion. My photos are stories... and this is why I love weddings.

"Haley Renee was utterly fantastic at our wedding. She seamlessly slipped in and out of precious moments, capturing their essence without our knowing. We were so pleased when we received our photos, and I can guarantee anyone who hires her will be thrilled!" 

Haley & James

"Haley was excited about our wedding photography from the first time we met her and was also happy to discuss ideas. She is friendly and helped to keep the photography relaxed but fun, and during the ceremony she took the natural shots but was subtle in her movements. Highly recommend!" 

Lynda &Jacob


The story of families coming together, the high crisp drama of a perfect dress, that split second before an expression breaks across the face of a new husband - all of that is why I am here and why I am a wedding photographer. Those things are sublime and my job is to capture them for you, for your legacy, forever. A photograph is said to hold time still, to capture everything that the mind will slowly lose as time goes by. Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What is captured is captured forever… it remembers little things long after you have forgotten.


In years to come will you remember the little details? All the things you spent hours planning and dreaming about? The detail in your dress, the tear in your husband’s eye when he saw you for the first time, the laugher after one too many glasses of wine, the first moment you held each other as husband and wife. Will you be able to look back when you are old and your memory has faded and remember the love you felt in that exact moment? In our digital age we see more photographs than ever, we take more photographs than ever, on our phones, our ipads, on our digitalcameras, we upload them, we share the, we tweet them, we filter them, we hashtag, we show the world our lives. But how many photographs do we cherish. How many will we keep forever, how many are worth keeping. Find the perfect photographer for your perfect day.


Skill in a photographer requires practice. Being able to capture and create the perfect moment the way you intended it to be in your hours of wedding planning is a skill. Not just in the way the pictures is taken but in the connection between the photographer and you. The right photographer should make you feel at ease, make you feel comfortable and capture the real beauty in you. The beauty your partner sees from the other end of the isle. Every single second of it.

"Haley was an absolute dream to have with us on our wedding day. Before the day she gave us lots of ideas and encouraged us to send her our own whenever we wanted. She travelled out to Broken Hill, NSW from Adelaide especially for us, and on the day she fitted in perfectly with the bridal party. She gave direction when we needed, but also let us do our own thing in our own time. We were over the moon with the quality and quantity of photos that we received, and will treasure them forever. Haley is worth every cent!"


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